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Aims, Vision, and Values

One family in Christ...for all the family: Loving, Serving, Growing

A Christian presence in every community: Pray – Grow – Serve 

Forder Valley Mission Community: 

The Forder Valley Mission Community is a local expression of Exeter Diocese in the Church of England. As such, the core vision and priority of Exeter Diocese and the Church of England form the basis of the existence of Mission Community. 

Aims and goals: 

As a Mission Community, we will:

1) work towards establishing a Christ-centred, people-loving, creative and locally-relevant Christian presence in every part of our community. 

2) focus our activities as a mission community on the three diocesan priorities of ‘growing in prayer, making new disciples and serving the people of our community (and beyond) with Joy’. 

Shared Values: 

To enable us to best achieve our mission community aims, our shared values across the Mission Community will be: 

Word and Spirit Led: 

We will seek to be a community of Christians who are led by God’s Holy Spirit and his Word so that we bring Glory to God. This means we prioritise the reading of scripture and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in all we do so that as individuals and as a Mission Community we will be growing in listening to God and better able to make decisions for ourselves and our mission community that are obedient to God’s loving purposes for us. 


Because we seek to be led by God’s Word and Spirit and bring glory to God we will also soak everything we do in prayer. This is a vital way of growing as a Christian and as a community so we will teach everyone to pray, pray when we meet, pray for all our activities and events and pray for anyone we can. As we pray not only do circumstances change, but also we grow in our relationship with our Father God. 

One Body: 

Though we work across a diverse parish, comprising many different communities, we will strive to work together as ‘one body’ ensuring everyone is valued and able to contribute to the shared vision and values of the mission community. We will also seek to work with other churches, mission partners and agencies in a way that values their unique contribution to God’s mission. 


Grace is at the heart of the gospel. It is only because of God’s amazing grace in Jesus that we can be Christian: God’s unmerited favour through Jesus Christ. Therefore, to us who have received his grace, so must we be full of grace in the way we welcome and behave towards everyone. It is a hallmark of authentic Christian living. 

Bible and Cross

National Strategies and Accountability:

We are working to become a ‘safe’ Church through our Safeguarding practice and policy.

As part of our stewardship responsibility, we are working towards being an Eco Church and are working with A Roche to develop this. In 2016/17 we were awarded a Bronze award and in 2018 we were awarded a silver award in recognition of the progress achieved so far. 

We are a Fairtrade Church and are working towards becoming a Dementia Friendly Church

We endeavour to be fully transparent in terms of Data Protection and the current legislation known as GDPR has been adopted