St Edward’s Churchyard is and has been a special place for the community of Eggbuckland for hundred’s of years. Generations of ‘Eggbuckland-ers’ have been buried here and it continues to be a the final resting place for many who have lived or worshipped in Eggbuckland.

Although the oldest monuments date from the 18th century (mostly 19th century onwards), it is likely to have been a burial ground for much longer – possibly over 1000 years. This means that despite Eggbuckland’s transformation from ancient village to city suburb throughout the twentieth century, the church yard has been relatively undisturbed by agriculture, building and transport and its secluded, hillside plot makes it a haven for Eggbuckland’s natural history as well as social history.

In order to help us make the most of this very special place, in 2013 the PCC took the decision to contract a Ground Steward, rather than simply a grass-cutting contractor, to work with volunteers, to keep the grass down in key locations, to help the churchyard’s natural habitat to thrive as well as be a beautiful place to visit and remember ‘those whom we love but see no longer’.

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Our Churchyard team is:

Peter Anderson – Churchwarden with responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the Churchyard

Jon Lake – Grounds Steward

Green Fingers Team – a team of volunteers who help to keep on top of maintenance and development of the Church yard and grounds of the Church Hall

Les Powell Sexton – contracted when required to prepare graves or plots for interment