Current Fundraising Projects

Toilet and Porch Area Redevelopment

Toilet: Anyone who has been caught short whilst in a church service will know all too well that at present the nearest facilities are in the church hall across the road: When the church was built toilets were not a high priority!  Well, we now believe the time is right to have toilet facilities created along with improved access and better kitchen facilities.  These facilities will also allow disabled access, and have a baby-changing area.

New South Porch Door:  People will often try the South door but because of the heavy nature of the structure will walk away thinking it is locked. If activity can be seen in church from outside, such visitors are likely to come into the interior of the building.

As St Edward’s is a listed building these projects tend to cost a lot – and our project is no different. We are working towards raising the £30,000 needed to complete these works.

SWYM Worker

South West Youth Ministries work with churches and projects that have a heart, and vision to reach young people in their area in a strategic way.  It is our desire to be able to offer a placement to a SWYM worker to enable and enhance our work with children and families in Eggbuckland.  To do this we have to be able to provide, or fund, accommodation and a small weekly allowance to the volunteer.