Why Use PGS?

We are all called to be good Stewards of the gifts entrusted to us. However, have you ever considered whether the method you use to give financially represents good stewardship? It is important to use a method of giving which is also an effective use of time and resources.

In 2104, St Edwards signed up to the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS). This is easily the most effective, efficient and beneficial method of giving available to us. If you are not already using it I would urge you to consider this option.

Giving to St Edwards via the PGS is simple. Your gift is made by direct debit to PGS on the 1st of the month. Within 10 days your gift plus any Gift Aid claimed is paid into the church bank account.  This comes as a lump sum with all the other gifts given this way  supported by a monthly statement which is sent to our Gift Aid Co-Ordinator (Mandy Collins).

This scheme has run without hitch, difficulty or cause for complaint since we joined.  Those who have already switched to this method of giving have found it easy to register, reliable and hassle-free. 10 people at St Edwards currently give this way. It means a lump sum in excess of £1050 comes directly into our church bank account every month. This makes it much easier for us to budget, plan and most importantly resource God’ mission and ministry plus other costs associated with St Edwards. It enables us (with all the other giving) to make a real difference as we seek to show the love of Christ through are care, comfort, compassion both within St Edwards, across Eggbuckland and beyond.

The benefits to St Edwards are significant, for example:

  • Of those who have signed up to the scheme already, nearly 60% have agreed to increase their giving annually with inflation on an automatic basis.  This is a huge benefit to us as a church.  Inflationary increases will make a real difference to St Edwards moving forward and give us greater potential to serve our community and spread God’s word.  Of course, the  inflationary increase is optional and even if you sign up for it you are given the opportunity not to accept the increase.

There are other benefits too and these relate to the time invested by the entire finance team:

  • Gift Aid administration is reduced and this benefit increases as more people join the scheme;
  • The more standing order givers who move over to the scheme, the quicker and easier the bank reconciliation becomes.

There are donor benefits too:

  • You can remain anonymous as a giver.
  • Direct Debits come with a guarantee from the bank which is not the case with any other types of giving.
  • PGS is efficient and changes to giving can be made quickly and easily over the phone, by e-mail or in writing.
  • The inflationary increase option is a trigger to prayerfully review our Christian giving.

If you already giving on a regular basis then please can I ask you to consider changing your method of giving to the Parish Giving Scheme. It is the most efficient and cost effective way you can give to this Church and it will save us money (for example – we will have less envelopes to buy). I am not asking you to increase your giving (although if you want to that’s great) – all I’m asking is for you to switch from Standing Order or envelope/cash/cheque to the Parish Giving Scheme. Or if you are not currently giving in a planned way then to consider starting and to use the Parish Giving Scheme as your Method of Payment.

If you read this article then please act upon it! This is so simple and it will help our hard working Treasurer, our Gift Aid Secretary and our Stewardship Promoter. But most of all it will help us to be better stewards of the money God has entrusted to us.

If you’d like a PGS Pack or have any questions or queries about this or any matter to do with giving then please contact Mandy Collins our our Gift Aid Co-Ordinator.

Many thanks