I found the stairway to heaven….

In the 1920’s Luis Barolo, an Italian businessman, commissioned  the architect Mario Palanti to design and build an office block in a Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

Based on Dante’s Divine Comedy it comprises 22 floors. The basement and ground floor represent hell, whilst floors 1-14 are purgatory, including themed floors of each of the seven deadly sins. Floors 15-22 are heaven, and display very little of any gregarious decoration or statuary.

It is said you need to suffer a little in order to reach heaven, so these last floors are accessed via a steep, winding and increasingly narrow staircase.

There are great views of Buenos Aires from from the the rim of the cupola. Finally, atop the entire edifice is a lighthouse, suggestive of the light of the world. From here there is a 360degree panorama…..but not much space!

The tour guide was very knowledgable with many facts about the buildings history.

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