Funeral Service

The funeral service aims to reflect the personality of the one who has died and the circumstances of their death as well as the hope and comfort of the Christian faith and will be led by one of our Clergy or Licensed Lay Readers. As such there is some flexibility in some aspects of the content. However, as a starting point, here is an outline:

Welcome: The service begins with some words of encouragement and hope from Scripture followed by a welcome and prayer from the minister.

Hymn: A hymn is then sung, often the choice of the family or their loved one.

Tributes: Usually Tributes or a Eulogy remembering the life and work of the deceased follow here particularly if members of the family or friends would like to do this. Sometimes poems are used and sometimes extracts of music are used – please discuss this with the minister who is taking your service. 

Bible Reading, Address & Prayers: At this point, after a short reading from the Bible, there will be an address or a sermon expressing comfort, hope and the great Christian beliefs about life beyond death. These are followed by Prayers giving thanks to God for the life of the loved one and asking for comfort and strength for those who are left behind. 

Hymn: A second hymn is sometimes sung. 

Commendation & Committal The final stage is the committal and this is a particularly solemn moment of the funeral service. If the service is taking place in Church, then the commendation will be followed by a Blessing before the service continues either around the graveside or at a Crematorium.



Although the above offers an outline, variations are possible. The minister taking your service will explain possibilities to you if you have particular ideas in mind. Most often, services are personalised by a choice of music on entry or exit (can be on Organ or by CD), choice of hymns and sometimes by the involvement of friends and family in writing or giving the tributes or eulogy. Again your minister can help you with this and if you prefer can work with you to write an appropriate tribute.

Arranging a Funeral