Questions of life and death

Funeral services always raise profound questions about the meaning of life and death. Jesus himself believed in a life-giving God: ‘the God of the living, not of the dead.’ Christians believe that Christ’s resurrection is the triumph of good over evil and of life over death and has made eternal life available to us through Him.

If you would like to explore further how the Christian faith can help to offer support and guidance please check out the ‘Exploring the Christian Faith’ page on this website.

We also recognise that the funeral service is only part of the bereavement process and we are here to offer support and a listening ear after the service. Our pastoral care coordinator, Vicky Hocking, will call sometime after the service to see how things are. If you would like further support or visits from our clergy or pastoral team, please contact Vicky or the Vicar, Rev Chris Routledge

Each year, on the first Sunday in November we offer a service or remembrance and thanksgiving at 3pm followed by light refreshments. This is a quiet service of reflection, prayers, hymns and readings and can be a helpful place to remember your loved one away from anniversaries and with others who are doing the same. For more details keep checking the website for our annual remembrance activities.