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Ivanovo Rock Church

The church in Ivanovo, near Rousse Bulgaria, was carved into 100 metres up a cliff face in the limestone rock in the 13th century, and painted with frescoes depicting the passion. Today it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Church of The Resurrection, Bucharest

Sat outside in the shadow of the small Angilcan church eating freshly cooked bacon and eggs, with good coffee….what better way to start a Sunday morning? Church of The Resurrection is quite a small building, but the community dates back to the nineteenth century so it is well established here in Romania. Today there were…
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Mission Community Away Day 2016

Today we had various members of St Edwards, Eggbuckland and Christchurch, Estover meet at St Matthews Academy in Derriford for our annual Away Day at which we discussed our vision for the newly inaugurated Forder Valley Mission Community. We were pleased to welcome Rev Andrew Godsall and Penny Doe from Exeter to facilitate and lead…
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Forder Valley Mission Community

After months of planning and discussion, we finally get to inaugurate the Forder Valley Mission Community of St Edwards Eggbuckland, Christchurch Estover, and Derriford.  Actually those months of planning fade to insignificance when discussing the Estover Local EcumenicalPartnership constitution! As the various communities of Baptist, Roman Catholic,Methodist, Anglican, and the United Reformed Church, have come together…
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Yet another Hagia Sophia…

Here in the centre of Thessaloniki there is yet another Holy Wisdom church.        It was closed when passed it, so other than it being a UNESCO world heritage site, I do not know much about it at this time than the Wikipedia entry for Hagia Sophia.

Basilica of Saint Sophia

St Edwards Church dates from 15c, and the oldest cathedral in England is said to be Durham Cathedral, built in 1093.  The Basilica of Saint Sophia, makes them both look like impudent school children with the current building dating to the 4th-6th century.  The current three-nave building was itself built upon the bases of churches…
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Easter in Sofia

Alleluia, Christ is Risen! It is not actually Easter for another few weeks for the Orthodox Church in Bulgaria, but for the ex-pat community and other non-Orthodox congregations who worship in Sofia, today was most definitely Easter Day.  In the “Annunciation of the Lord” chapel on Oborishte 5, the English speaking community of Anglicans, Methodists, Episcopalians, Roman…
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Plymouth Children’s Worker at Home in Bulgaria

Anyone who has had any dealing with the children’s work at Methodist Central Hall, Plymouth will remember Shelly who lived and worked at MCH for a few years.  She has recently moved back home to BG, and is now working in Sofia. We caught up with her on Vitosha Boulevard.

Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

Rila Monastery was founded in the 10th century by St John of Rila, a hermit canonized by the Orthodox Church. His ascetic dwelling and tomb became a holy site and were transformed into a monastic complex which played an important role in the spiritual and social life of medieval Bulgaria. Destroyed by fire at the…
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St Giles, Sidmouth

As has been previously discussed, St Edward’s is setting up a link with the Church of St Giles & St Nicolas in Sidmouth. Today Rev Chris and a small group including Rev Carl, Julian, Helen Parry, Margaret Hall and Vickie Hocking have travelled to Sidmouth to attend the Morning Service there and to begin getting…
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Worship in Sofia

So, whilst Chris and others are travelling across Devon to visit Sidmouth, I find myself the other side of Europe at the  First Evangelical Pentecostal Church in Sofia (Първа Евангелска Петдесятна Църква – София). I have been invited by Shelly, who until recently had been a youth worker at Methodist Central Hall in Plymouth. My…
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