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Welcome to Tearfund’s John Appleton

On 20th March we welcome John Appleton of Tearfund to our Morning Service. He will be talking about Tearfund’s educational initiatives to raise awareness of people trafficking and their attempts to prevent it, especially amongst children. The following excerpts of a case study illustrate how heart-wrenching the problem is. The story is told by a…
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Mardi Gras…..sort of!

So, I know Matdi Gras is usually the day before Ash Wednesday, but in Venlo, the Netherlands, the carnival was cancelled due to bad weather. Now on the first weekend of March it is rescheduled and it is no less impressive for the delay. From 1pm the carnival procession weaved around the centre of the…
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Lent and Easter

How is your Lenten journey going this year: are you sticking at it, or not got very started? If you are still looking to take part in a Lent course, then why not join in as we meet with ‘Six Middle-Eastern Women’ throughout Lent. It is not too late to start with the next session…
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