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Confirmation Course at St Edwards

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IdentityWho is God? Who are we?

Those two questions are at the heart of all faith, explore our core identity as human beings and are key questions to explore in understanding the Christian faith. Understanding our identity helps us to approach the world in more realistic and appropriate way.

Confirmation in the Church of England is a two-fold expression of faith. Firstly to personally declare and confirm that the Christian faith is your faith and secondly to be confirmed, reassured and accepted by the church that this is your faith. It is therefore something that you publicly do as well as reassurance and encouragement that you receive.

It is with that in mind that I have chosen the following course to assist in preparation for confirmation. I hope you find it useful and interesting. Each session is at 4pm -5.30pm on Sundays before the Confirmation service on 5th June. Coming along to the session does not commit you to get confirmed so please just let me know – the idea is to be an exploration for you of those questions. Please also feel able to ask ANY other questions you have during our time together – that is a massive part of what it is about.schedule

I look forward to sharing in this with you

With every blessing