Church Hill, Eggbuckland, Plymouth PL6 5RN.
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Eggbuckland With Estover PCC: Forder Valley Mission Community

One family in Christ...for all the family: Loving, Serving, Growing

For more information about what the PCC does, particularly if you are considering becoming a PCC member please explore the link and documents below:

PCC Member 


Ex-Officio Members:

Rev Chris Routledge, Vicar
Rev Keith Murphy, Associate Minister
Peter Anderson, Churchwarden
Julian Payne, Churchwarden

Deanery Synod:
(Elected every 3 years)
Peter Anderson
Eleanor Parry
Julian Payne

Elected Representatives:

David Bettinson
Jo Brown
Glenda Davies
Olwen Grindell
Jon Lake
David Loynes
Beryl Norton
Helen Soole
Pat Whatty

Coopted PCC Members

PCC Officers
PCC Chair: Rev Chris Routledge

PCC Lay Vice Chair: Julian Payne

PCC Secretary: Helen Soole

Electoral Roll Officer: Vacancy (Appointed)

PCC Treasurer & Finance Team: Lead -Julian Payne; Treasurer –  David Loynes

Independent Examiner of the Accounts: Ian Taberner (Appointed)

PCC Standing Committee: The Standing Committee conducts the essential and urgent business of the PCC outside of the meetings.  They are accountable to and representative of the larger PCC. Current Membership is Rev Chris Routledge (PCC Chair),  Peter Anderson (Churchwarden) & Julian Payne (PCC Vice Chair & Churchwarden) and Olwen Grindell (PCC Representatives)

PCC Teams
Fabric Team: Lead, Safeguarding, Data Protection Julian Payne, Terry Arnold, Peter Anderson, Martin Easton, Eleanor Parry (Health & Safety) and David Sinclair,

Finance Team: Lead Julian Payne, Treasurer David Loynes, Assistant Treasurer Peter Anderson (Receipts & Payments), Gift Aid Secretary Mandy (Gift Aid), and others as required

Safeguarding Team Parish Safeguarding Representative: Dr Lystra Hagley-Dickinson; DSB administration: Julian Payne; Vicar: Rev Chris Routledge; Christ Church Safeguarding Representatives: Jan Simpson & Janet Brooks.

Annual Meeting

Each year the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) & Vestry meeting (Annual Meeting of Parishioners) is held where PCC members, Church Wardens, and sidespeople are elected and the Annual Report and Accounts of the PCC are received.

Our Annual Meeting for 2019 will be on Monday 1st April 2019 at 7.30 pm in Church.

Here is our Annual Report & Accounts relating to 2017:



Here is our Annual Report & Accounts relating to 2016:


Here is our Annual Report & Accounts relating to 2015:


Here is our Annual Report & Accounts relating to 2014: