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Day 4: Thy Kingdom Come – Sorry

One family in Christ...for all the family: Loving, Serving, Growing



LOOK…and be curious.

WAIT… with prayerful expectation.

Come Holy Spirit: Thy Kingdom Come.

READ… the text with an open mind.

While Peter was below in the courtyard, one of the servant-girls of the high priest came by. When she saw Peter warming himself, she stared at him and said, “You also were with Jesus, the man from Nazareth.” But he denied it, saying, “I do not know or understand what you are talking about.” And he went out into the forecourt. Then the cock crowed. And the servant-girl, on seeing him, began again to say to the bystanders, “This man is one of them.” But again he denied it. Then after a little while the bystanders again said to Peter, “Certainly you are one of them; for you are a Galilean.” But he began to curse, and he swore an oath, “I do not know this man you are talking about. “At that moment the cock crowed for the second time. Then Peter remembered that Jesus had said to him, “Before the cock crows twice, you will deny me three times.” And he broke down and wept. (Mark 14:66-72)

LISTEN… for a word with a willing heart.

RESPOND… with prayer and action.

Oh God of the cock-crow and the bitter tears, may our hearts be truly broken by every denial of your long, suffering love for us, every rejection of each other, every cowardly and self-protective moment. With the morning, bring your mending so that dauntless we may find ourselves able to walk the way of the cross again.


 “Sorry seems to be the hardest word.”

No it isn’t. It’s one of the easiest. It trips right off the tongue. You forget to do something: “sorry”. You hurt someone’s feelings: “sorry”. It’s like a knee-jerk reaction to get ourselves off the hook, to shut down the conversation or stop the criticism.
What’s much harder is a real sorry. Saying it, and also meaning it. A true sorry has given up the fight of trying to prove you’re right. To justify or explain.
It’s a coming clean.
Come clean before God now. Everything. And ask him to help you to really mean it too.
Pray your five will know God’s forgiveness.

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