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I Spy A Toilet….Nearly!

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toiletAfter four weeks of work we finally have evidence of a toilet in church, albeit not yet very usable except as a flowerpot. The space still looks like the outside privy from my childhood home – you know, the toilet nobody could use because when dad did not have all his tools in there granddad was using it to store his home brew!

Nevertheless, the project continues apace as out in the churchyard they are digging a rather large hole in the ground for the waste tank.  I wonder if you have ever considered how hard this is as we don’t really want to disturb any human remains…but we do need to dig.  The hole is actually being excavated along the path in the hope there has never been any ancient, uncharted burials in that space. pit

Actually, with all the rain we have had (it is Plymouth, after all), the hole could easily become a very muddy swimming pool…..or maybe Jon could turn it into a wildlife pond and we can encourage some frogs and newts as part of our ‘Living Churchyard’ project.

In addition to the toilet facilities, are you aware we are also building a new kitchen area as the toilet space is where the kitchen used to be?  Well, so far the space where the kitchen will situated in the northwest transept (is that the right terminology?), is being used as the site office and is surrounded by kitchenlarge screens, orange safety barriers and the ubiquitous health and safety notices.  The cabinets are under construction, and I for one am looking forward to the big-reveal as the screens come down…..maybe Nick Knowles will be there with his gang.  I wonder if a ribbon will be involved.

I am not sure how the schedule is going, but the plan was for the project handover on 9th May I think.  To my untrained eye it seems this will be a tough deadline to meet, but as we have waited 500 years, I guess a few more days will not hurt…..unless you are really desperate to spend a penny, in which case there is massive hole just outside!