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Wedding Fees 2020

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What does it cost?

It depends what ‘extras’ you want to include. Fees are set annually and apply for the year that the marriage takes place. Compared to other options available many people consider it very good value and for 2020 a basic package at St Edward’s (with organist and recommended additional local fees) can be as little as £809 with a service including all the options in 2015 costing a maximum of £894 (with choir, organ, verger and bells and assuming additional fees to choir and organist for videoing).

If you are finding finances a struggle please talk to us as there may be ways we can help or suggestions we can make.

Table of fees available here as a pdf fileWedding Fees 2020

Statutory Fees: £494                                                                                                                           This pays for the services of a minister, use of building, legal fees and is set nationally

Recommended additional Local Fees: £30.00                                                                                   Provides the services of a Verger to ensure church is open and well prepared in good time prior to wedding, any CD’s with music on operated, and ensures the service runs smoothly.  It also contains a small contribution to cost of flowers in church outside of Lent & Advent – our flower arrangers are keen to work with your colour schemes for our regular flowers arrangements so this fee also makes a contribution to the cost of these. These flowers stay in church. You are of course welcome to place additional arrangements through your wedding florist which you may take with you at the end of the service. 

Organist: £55.00                                                                                                                                   This provides the services of an organist to accompany hymns within the service and, with agreement, music of your choice as you arrive, leave or sign the register. The fee contains a small element which contributes to the regular maintenance of the organ. 

Choir: £65.00                                                                                                                                           We are fortunate to have a regular, robed church choir at St Edward’s, who are delighted to be part of your special day to accompany and support through leading the singing of the hymns. This is an optional element but is very much appreciated by many couples. 

Bells: £225.00                                                                                                                                       For many couples having their wedding announced to the community by the ringing of St Edward’s Bells is a traditional and beautiful aspect to this special day. We have a dedicated, committed and talented ‘tower’ of ringers and they are delighted to be a part of your special day. 

Use of Video: £25.00                                                                                                                             Couples who wish to video their service may do so but an additional fee is charged by the organist and choir (if they are being used). This does NOT cover licences and copyright and it is your responsibility to ensure that legal requirements are adhered to. 

Banns Certificate (for other Parish if required): £45.00 (This fee is not charged by us for weddings taking place at St Edward’s.)                                                                                                                             The ‘publishing of Banns’ is the most common form of legal preliminaries for Church of England weddings and requires your names to be called out formally in the parish where each of you live and where the wedding is taking place. This can be in just one church (if they are all the same) or could be three! The church where you are getting married have already made the charge for banns in the statutory fees but the minister has to legally view a certificate from any other parishes to ensure that these have been carried out. The cost for publishing banns and providing a certificate is including in this fee. This may be payable to more than one church.

There are some circumstances where an alternative legal preliminary is required (such as common licence etc.) The minister conducting the wedding will give you guidance if that is required.