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Week 6 – A peaceable Kingdom

One family in Christ...for all the family: Loving, Serving, Growing

The wolf shall live with the lamb … the calf and the lion and the fatling together, and a little child shall lead them.


Isaiah 11.6-9
The wolf shall live with the lamb,
    the leopard shall lie down with the kid,
the calf and the lion and the fatling together,
    and a little child shall lead them.
The cow and the bear shall graze,
    their young shall lie down together;
    and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.
The nursing child shall play over the hole of the asp,
    and the weaned child shall put its hand on the adder’s den.
They will not hurt or destroy
    on all my holy mountain;
for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord
    as the waters cover the sea.


When the crowds cheered as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, they were hoping for a king, the Messiah, whose reign would reflect Isaiah’s vision of a peaceable kingdom, with people and animals living together in harmony.

This vision contrasts sharply with our own age, when one in four mammals now face extinction. Underlying current unprecedented levels of loss of biodiversity is consumerism. Humans are causing the problems, but humans as well as other animals are suffering the consequences.


We need to buy and use less to take better care of the natural world and free up resources for those who need them. Ask yourself: do I need this?


For each perfect gift of thine,
To our race so freely given,
Graces human and divine,
Flowers of earth, and buds of heaven:

Lord of all, to thee we raise
This our sacrifice of praise.

From “For the beauty of the earth”, 
by F. S. Pierpoint (1835–1917)

Family Challenge

Explore Bible stories featuring animals
The Bible shows us a God who loves and longs to save the whole world. Can you think of any Bible stories that feature animals?

Reflections from the Church House Publishing booklet #LiveLent: Care for God’s Creation – A 40-Day Challenge inspired and informed by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s 2020 Lent book Saying Yes to Life by Ruth Valerio (SPCK) are copyright 2020 The Archbishops’ Council and used here with permission. Full details of both resources are available on the Church of England website.

Bible readings are taken from The New Revised Standard Version (Anglicized Edition), copyright 1989, 1995 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. All rights reserved.